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My First Aerial Yoga Class


Ok- so it finally happened, I tried Aerial Yoga at Om Factory (you like the pic of the hubby above? :D).

I figured, since my five year old has been doing it for the last few months then I should definitely try it out and, since they started having class at the same time as Lillie’s, it would be perfect.

It was really cool.  First, our instructor, Amanda Winkler, was amazing and as adorably lovely as can be.  She came up to me and helped me and then when she found out I was Ben’s wife (he tried it last week), she seemed so excited to meet me which was so sweet.  Amanda went around the room making sure everyone’s hammock was at the right height – at your hipbones when pulled tightly.

photo 2
Me, chillin’ in my hammock

What an amazing and interestingly cool way to do Yoga and, if you think for even a minute it will be easier, you are sorely mistaken.  Sorely being the operative word… yes, I’m a bit sore, but in the BEST way possible.

Being able to use the hammock with stretching and poses was incredibly helpful and difficult all at once.  We started by putting the hammock behind us and shaking it out so we could see just how long and beautiful it really is.  We then grabbed it on either side of us and hopped into it to sit.  It was like being in a beautiful and bright orange cocoon.  Then, we were told to hold both sides and flip backward so that we put our feet over our heads and had them fall to the floor.  It was fun!

We did a lot of great arm, leg and core work in this class.  We did planks with one foot in the hammock having to bring the other foot up, we did side planks and even ab work where we kept both feet in the hammock while in plank position and pulled our legs into our chest!  SO good!  We also did a lot of different poses starting in chair position where you’re holding onto your hammock in front of you.  Ben said, last week, they did lunges with one leg in the hammock.  Such an awesome twist on doing old school exercises, but you have the added bonus of having to keep yourself stable and really using your core strength.

At the end we were told to do an upside down pose, I had a lot of trouble with this one.  I got it, but it wasn’t easy and it just means that I will happily have to go back and practice!

All in all this was a badass and amazing class with an incredible instructor who I hope to see around Fit Journey more.




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