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Labor Day Quickie Workout

With Labor Day fast approaching I am sure many of you are wondering how and when you will get your workout in with all of the festivities that will be surrounding you for the the day, or even weekend.  Well, fear not!  There are many fun activities that can get your heart rate up that won’t even feel like exercise.  The best part… you can do all of them with your friends and family – and these exercises can burn some serious calories!  A few great examples are:  Ultimate Frisbee – weighing in at just over 550 calories for an hour of playing, Hula Hooping – which you can burn up to a whopping 600 calories in an hour (with some serious core work achieved) and lastly, anything you can do while being in water is a seriously good workout – think kayaking, water games, etc… major cardio and all muscles worked  There are many ways to stay active while enjoying yourself through this upcoming holiday weekend, get creative!

If the opportunity does not present itself for you to do one of the above activities here is a little workout I have put together that you can do before you head out for your Labor Day fun!  It’s sure to get your heart pumping and ready for your day!

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Lindsey McMeen
Lindsey's path to health and wellness began a long time ago being a very active adolescent turned unhealthy, overweight young adult. At 205lbs she knew she needed to make a serious change in my life. Lindsey started running, slowly, changed what she ate from processed, high fat foods to natural, healthy foods and started strength training. She lost 70lbs in one year. From that point on she was hooked, and knew that helping people like her was the direction she needed to follow. Lindsey won't forget that girl at 205lbs but she'll never look back - only forward!
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