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Kettlebells at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates


I was incredibly excited when Maggie from Fat Bottom Slim told me about this awesome Kettlebell seminar at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates.  I’ve been wanting to go there in general – especially since Maggie started working there – but I’ve never really done Pilates.  I without a doubt want to try it, but this was a perfect intro to the studio to be able to check it out.

When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by two incredibly welcoming people, Liz & Johnny. Then… out popped Maggie!  Yea, FPC (fitness partner in crime)!   I was excited.  I filled out the paper work and then took a peek into the space.

I need to pause for a moment, because the energy at this studio was incredible.  I mean, you really just felt uplifted by walking in the door.  The space is beautiful, not huge, and perfectly laid out.  There were numerous people working with private clients and no one seemed to be a bother to one another or in each other’s way.

I know I may not speak about it, but I am deeply into energy from people and places and everything here just felt right.

Post class, Lynda showing how to do the Windmill. OUCH! But, good ouch!

Maggie introduced me to Lynda Lippin who would be teaching this class.  Lynda is an award winning Pilates Fitness Reiki teacher and has been teaching Pilates for over 25 years.  She. Is. PHENOMENAL.  Just by meeting her you can tell she has inordinate amount of knowledge in the fitness world. Lynda and I had interacted via twitter a little and I did my research so I was quite excited to meet her.  After a few minutes, we headed downstairs.  There were nine of us in the class and that fit perfectly in the cozy space.  The space is used – I believe – for Pilates classes as well as TRX classes and it had reformers (again, sorry if that is not what they are, I have already expressed my Pilate ignorance) that fold up against the wall.
We started by going around the room to introduce ourselves.  Because it was a seminar/how to class, there were a lot of instructors in the room.  It was pretty awesome.  I told Maggie after class, I felt really empowered being in that room.  It was a group of incredibly strong women – in every way – with so much knowledge of their own, learning together in an awesome and positive environment.  I loved every part of it and truly respected everyone in the room bc everyone was there to learn and further their understanding of this sport.
Lynda started the class by explaining where kettle bells came from – already fascinated with this class.  Apparently, Kettlebells originated in Russia as fishing weights. Fishermen would weigh their fish against these weights and the weights were never less than 25-30 lbs. This kind of knowledge fascinates me.
Then we started with the Kettlebell basics. I’d taken a few Kettlebell classes, but none that had ever actually gone over how to use them. Shocking, right?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was always shown form and told how to lift them, but this went a few steps deeper.
We started with how to pick them up and them moved to the between the leg Kettlebell swing.  Lynda really explained the basics perfectly.  How if you’re standing correctly, then you should have your weight in your heels and how – a lot of it is just as simple as having the right form and the move falling into place.  We went through a bunch of amazing Kettlebell workout movements from Kettlebell squats to a Kettlebell snatch to the Windmill (OUCH!).

I have Kettlebells in my new home gym (AKA now WAY overcrowded living room) and I am so excited to be able to really utilize them and before I took her class I was totally worried about doing something like this (btw, Alycea posted this video on her FB page the morning of class saying make sure to take Lynda’s Kettlebell class haha):

And, now I know that I can totally rock a Kettlebell workout and not worry about doing that 😀

We ended by doing the Turkish Get Up, something quite difficult, but something that I had tried previously at Body, Space, Fitness so I was excited to try it again.  That move is NO JOKE and should DEFINITELY be tried step by step and with a professional around the first time.

Here is a ridiculous video of a man doing a Turkish Get Up with a human kettlebell (DEF don’t try this at home… and if you love your significant other, don’t ask him/her to do this).


I give this class two Andre the Giant size thumbs up, I give the studio the same.  I am incredibly excited to head back to the studio to try some Pilates classes and I think that, for someone who was nervous about doing Pilates and has done a lot more heavy lifting, this was a really cool way for me to become comfortable with the studio.  Added bonus?  Post class beers with my bud Maggie!  Awesome workout, check. Awesome studio, check, Awesome beers, check.  Obviously an awesome day!






Featured image. Photo credit: Kettlebell Concepts


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