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Kate Hickl / FJ Spotlight


Kate Hickl’s spin class is the one you want to go to on those days you don’t feel like going to the gym at all.  The comfy on the couch days or the long day at work days when being lazy sounds magical… then you go to class and you’re pushed and you’re inspired and you seriously thank yourself for rewarding yourself by going to this class.  Kate is not an instructor that screams at you or yells for you to push your hardest or do your best.  She commands it with a calm strength that really makes you reach down and work your absolute hardest.  Her classes are one of those that you walk out of feeling like a real badass bc you know you just gave it your all, simply because Kate kindly demanded it and, thanks to her, you were inspired to do it.  Kate will be part of our very first video for the foundation series we are launching soon, so it is beyond my pleasure to introduce the lovely, beautiful and down right awesome Kate Hickl…

What inspired you to become a trainer/instructor?

Yoga helped me to find focus, purpose and realize my true calling in life was to push others to be their best. I found yoga at a very pivotal point in my life … it changed my life in such a positive way that I knew I had to share it with others.  I found my voice as a teacher through a yoga teacher training; took up indoor cycling as a hobby and 6 short months later shifted gears to teach indoor cycling on a full time basis.

Where do you train/teach? 

I teach indoor cycling full-time for Flywheel Sports, as well as yoga on a private basis – both in NYC

 If this is your 2nd career, what made you make the career change?

I spent the first 5 years working in Advertising – both on the Agency and Corporate side of things in NYC.  I was fortunate to work with like-minded companies that supported healthy, active lifestyles.  I would probably still be working in that space if I hadn’t gotten the bug to move back home to Texas to be closer to family.  At that time in my life I would sneak away from work for 2+ hours of yoga nearly every day.  Knowing the move was imminent, I decided to complete the YogaWorks 200-Hr certification.  I didn’t know if I would ever go on to teach, I really just wanted it for my own benefit and personal practice.  I finished their basic training then went on to complete their 300-Hr certification.  The whole process took a year and by the end of it I’d decided to stay in NYC and take advantage of immediate teaching opportunities.   Had I stopped to think about it or plan it out, I know for a fact I would’ve talked myself out of it. Afterall, I was THAT girl who’d sweat profusely if I had to get up in front of people.  Luckily sweating is encouraged when I do it now!

What inspires you most about your clients?

The community we’ve all built together here at Flywheel. It’s such a supportive, team atmosphere – an energy and force that reminds me of team athletics growing up.  You come to get stronger, to feel empowered, to release, to laugh, to cheer, to cross a new finish line every day.  I love teaching in the mornings and starting people’s day off on the right track.  They come in with one eye open half the time and 45 minutes later they leave smiling, ready to start their day. In three years at Flywheel Sports I’ve seen people’s bodies, attitudes and lives change – it’s so gratifying, rewarding and encouraging to see that. I know I’m in the right place!

What is your advice for someone looking to get started on a better diet and/or fitness plan? 

Do it in steps – talk to a Doctor or Trainer and establish your starting line.  Come up with a plan and realistic timeline.  Mix it up from day to day, keep your body (and mind!) guessing to avoid boredom. Sign up for an organized walk, run or triathlon, etc.  Find a team or coach to train with.  Tell people what you’re doing, i.e. keep yourself accountable.  Give yourself small rewards along the way.  You can never drink enough water.  Keep a journal of what you’re eating, what you’re doing and how you feel at the start and end of the day.  Sleep more than you think you need to!

What is your favorite workout at the moment? 

Flybarre, of course and the recent addition of Exceed.  I’ve just signed up for my first triathlon so I might be adding swimming (or not!) to that list soon.

Are there any new workouts that you are absolutely in love with? 

Really into functional and resistance training at the moment – especially digging the kettlebell craze!

If you could work out with ANYONE in the world who would it be?

The 1999 US Women’s World Cup Soccer Team and if it could only be one person, definitely Mia Hamm!

Do you enjoy working out inside or outside more?

50% of the time I’d say outside but I have to say the other 50% of the time would be indoors because of the energy and exhaustion of a good sweaty indoor cycling class!

Do you have any new and exciting projects you are working on?

Will soon be taking on more yoga and personal training clients!

It’s Friday night, your best friends are all ready to meet you out and you don’t have to work tomorrow, where are you going and what are you doing?  

If I was behind on Homeland, I’d definitely be ordering in … or having dinner and drinks out with friends.  Teaching/not teaching … normally doesn’t make a difference, I start falling asleep around midnight!

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