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Danielle Devine-Baum / FJ Spotlight


Danielle Devine… whew!  What can I say about Danielle WITHOUT feeling fiercely motivated and empowered?  Pretty much nothing.  Danielle is a serious force of fitness, beauty and determination.  If there was anyone I know who could go by just one name, like Cher, Pink or 50, it would be Danielle, because she is just that badass.

Danielle was one of my first introductions to Flywheel and, over a year later, is still an integral part of my core Fly and fitness family.  Walking into Danielle’s class you see a beautiful, petite woman with a stunning smile… step a little closer and you see some serious guns, eyes filled with intense determination and if you listen, you may just hear some hardcore rap playing in the background (or Mumford & Sons… yes, SHE can switch back and forth).  Danielle gave me the tools to truly change my life and I can NEVER EVER thank her enough.  I was honored to be able to do her makeup for her wedding and I am even more honored to be able to call her my friend.  Working out next to her is inspiring and has helped me more than she knows.  So, thank you Danielle for being such a HUGE and incredible part of my journey, I’m not sure I can ever thank you enough. So, without further adieu, my Spartan mentor (yes we are doing a Spartan race!!!), Danielle…

What inspired you to become an instructor?  

My mom owned a group exercise fitness studio when I was a kid, so I was always surrounded by fitness. I spent lots of time at that studio, and from time to time would take her step aerobics classes. I stayed relatively active growing up, starting with figure skating then moving on to dance; ballet and pointe. Around age 12 I took my mom’s cycling class. It was the first time, besides dance, that I felt connected to my body both mentally and physically through exercise. I knew that someday I wanted to teach and let others experience this same feeling of complete connection to self. When I was in college, I got certified and began leading classes.

Where do you train/teach?

I teach at Flywheel Sports.

If this is your 2nd career, what made you make the career change?

I went to school for theatre, and had every intention after graduation to pursue acting. During college, I was teaching cycling as a survival job and absolutely loved it. The more I taught, the more I realized that not only did it give me the same endorphin high as performing, but it also actually made a difference in the lives of others- which is possibly the most rewarding opportunity to have, let alone call it my career. When Flywheel became a part of my life, I made the transition to teaching full time and have never been happier.

What inspires you most about your clients?

Their will to get stronger and work hard to accomplish their goals is incredibly inspirational. It is amazing to be there for a rider’s first class when they are not sure they can even make it through- then be there for there 100th class and see a completely changed person.

What do you love most about your job?

This is a toughie. If I had to choose ONE thing that I love most about teaching, it would be the amazing people I meet and work with every day. I have formed life long friendships with both riders and coworkers, and fitness is the thing that brought us all together. I think that is pretty remarkable.

What is your favorite workout at the moment?

Besides Flywheel of course, I am in love with As 1 Effect. It has completely changed my body and my outlook on athleticism.

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Is a successful NYC based makeup artist - you can see her work all over TV, in top magazines all over the world and she has been featured in the New York Times, Prevention Magazine and numerous other publications, she is the former beauty editor for Bloginity and owns a small boutique beauty business called Brush Beauty. She has had a few careers ranging from construction management to radio and everything in between, however, the constant passion in her life was always fitness. Even when she lost her way from it, she was always constantly motivated by athletes and anything movement oriented around her. She is the type of person who only gets star struck by people like Gabby Douglas, Matt Long, Pat Riley or Kerri Walsh and the thought of meeting any of them puts her stomach in little girly teenage knots. Favorite workouts: Bootcamps, Spinning, swimming and lifting alone with my headphone on.
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