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Cardio Alone Just Won’t Cut It


A common misconception among people starting to live a healthier lifestyle is that cardio can get them to their goal on its own.  Cardio, although a vital component on the quest to live a healthier lifestyle, is only one piece of the puzzle.  Diet, cardio and weight training are all important parts of any healthy lifestyle.


Many people feel that if they are performing cardio on a regular basis that can help counteract any splurges in their diet.  In order to lose a single pound a 3500 calorie deficit needs to occur and not all calories are created equal.  The word diet does not mean that you need to deprive yourself.  It is a lifestyle, not something that you do before special events and occasions.  Talk to your doctor or a certified dietician to find what works best for you


Vary your cardio workouts to keep them fresh and your body challenged.  Many people that begin a new workout program get stuck performing the same cardio routine over and over again because it is comfortable.  Incorporate endurance and interval training into your cardio routine to keep your body guessing.  Remember if your workout starts to get easy, your body is not changing.

Weight Training

Adopting a weight training program helps compliment diet and cardio.  Building muscle helps scorch calories even when the body is at rest.  Just by adding a couple weight sessions per week, results can be seen quickly.  Easy ways to begin a weight program is to participate in a fitness class or enlist a knowledgeable friend or personal trainer.

Start today to adopt a healthier lifestyle by incorporating a healthier diet, cardio and weight training program into your every day routine.  Make your routine work for you to ensure your success.  Break your cardio and weight training workouts into smaller segments throughout the day to accommodate your busy lifestyle.  It takes on average 66 days to form a habit according to John M. Grohol, PSY.D.*  Today sounds like a great day to start to a healthier, happier you!


*Grohol, J. (2009). Need to Form a New Habit? 66 Days. Psych Central.  http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2009/10/07/need-to-form-a-new-habit-66-days/

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