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Are You A Commuter?


Are you a commuter?

Whether driving a car or as a strap hanger on a bus or in a subway, grab some exercise while getting to your destination.  If you’re driving, however, be sure to ONLY do these exercises while stopped and not while driving.

Additional activity can mean the difference of a few more pounds lost or getting off a stubborn weight loss plateau.

This does not mean breaking into an aerobic routine on a subway platform or at a bus stop. Just take advantage of the extra time with the following exercises.

-Tone stomach muscles and get an energy boost while seated by sitting up straight and taking a deep breath.  Fill your abdomen and lungs with air and lean forward slightly. Exhale slowly until the final breath that you will puff out with force. Repeat up to a set of 12.

Make your gluteus maximums smaller while sitting on it by squeezing together your cheeks and holding it for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times. Also, alternate squeezing the right and left cheeks separately.  Do a five- second hold per cheek.

– Achieve perfect pecs, while seated by interlacing your fingers together in your lap.  Raise them to a praying position. Breath normally as you bring your elbows together.  Do not slump.  Instead, keep your shoulders back. Repeat up to 10 sets

Car drivers – while stopped at a red light, use the steering wheel to steer clear of underarm jiggle. Grip the wheel with both hands and push on it as if you are trying to push it through the dashboard. Do five sets.

Another arm strengthener is to place your palms against the car ceiling and push.  You should feel it in your arms, shoulders and chest.  Repeat 10 times. Add more to the workout by squeezing your ab muscles while pushing.

-Seated or standing, try this contraction to create a stronger core. Inhale to feel your upper chest expand. Purse your lips and as you exhale, push your navel to your spine. Do at least 10 times for maximum effect.

Sitting on a bus or train, place a knapsack or briefcase between your feet and squeeze your legs together. In attempting to rise, the item off the ground up to 12 times will gradually improve your inner thighs.

For shapely calf muscles, put your standing around time to good use. Rise up on your toes and hold for several seconds.  The goal is to reach 100.

Add an extra five minutes to your subway commute and after walking up the stairs, turn around, go back down, and do climb up again.

While waiting in a train or subway station, place your back and buttocks, arms and palms against a weight-bearing wall.  Inhale, squeeze your abs muscles and push out slightly with your hands. Hold for 10 seconds. Slowly exhale as you lean against the wall.  Repeat up to 10 times.

Holding onto a bus handrail, clench your ab and butt muscles every time the bus hits its brakes.  During rush hour, you can get a real workout.

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LJ Bottjer is a citizen of the world, whose journey began in Manhattan. Now living in Northern California, her garden produces healthy food almost year-round and she enjoys biking, yoga and hiking. www.words4sail.com
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