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Todd Shuler / FJ Spotlight

Fit-Journey-Todd-ShulerMichelle here!  I met Todd Shuler at CoreBalance Studio in Phoenix and later this week I’ll be posting about my amazing workout with him last week!  But first, I’ll introduce you to him!  Don’t let that smile fool you, he’s a tough trainer who will make you WORK!
Where do you train/teach?
At this time I am in two places consecutively. I have my personal training studio (BlakSteel Fitness) located inside CoreBalance Studio here in Phoenix. I also teach spin classes on the Real Ryder bikes here. I also teach spin classes at The Madison Improvement Club.
What do you love most about your job?
I love the people the most. I have a very free job, meaning I can move around, talk, and be creative. This feature allows me to truly enjoy my clients. Each person is different in their own quirky way; funny and enjoyable. In my classes, the people give me energy. I send out a ray of joy, and I receive 20-40 rays back.. Total Blessing for me!
If this is your 2nd career, what made you change?
Fitness is actually my 3rd career. I had no intention or foresight of getting into the fitness industry. I graduated college as an elementary teacher. My 2nd career placed me as a corporate sales and systems trainer. Fitness found me through a blank hiring ad. I called for a new job as a salesperson and was hired as a fitness manager for a chain of gyms in NC. I found out that personal training works well for my spirit. It allows me to teach, laugh, be active, and create. It was and still is the best thing that has happened to me thus far in my life!
What are some motivational tools that you use in your life each day to stay healthy?
My motivation comes from many different places. I push myself for different reasons and people. The first thing that I do is give thanks for a new day. This awakens my heart and mind for This day. Throughout the day there are small bouts of reflection and meditation. I push myself for my mom. Last year she had a stroke. My life and energy now impact her more because this is what I have to give to her.  I believe energy is never lost, just transformed. It is also shared. The more energy I can generate, the more the universe can give to her. I know its working because she is now walking and thinking of ways to help others in her position. Intention of actions is the biggest motivational tool. Knowing what the desired outcome is and placing energy in that direction. Motive and action.  Positive thought is the key to Joy. Joy is key for success. Add a pinch..
Do you enjoy working out inside or outside?
I have different activities for both worlds, but my heart belongs to the gym. Pretty gym, grimy gym, quiet gym, busy gym, small gym… I guess you get what I’m saying. The gym is what gave me a start. It is where I found what makes me happy. It is what helped me transition from a 135lb boy to a 205lb man. I love the gym. The smell, weights, clanking, grunting.. The focus! It is life at its weakest moment and at the same time its strongest moment. It is the only place in the world were all titles are stripped away and you are doing something to add longevity, health, and joy to life. There we all become the same at our core. Each person in the gym is just trying to be a little bit better than the day before. We are adding a pinch. Let’s go!!
If there was a billboard in Times Square advertising your services, what would it say and who would be in it?
This is an easy one.. My billboard would alternate between the words health, joy, energy, and life.. These words are highlighted by colors; green for health, yellow for joy, red for energy, and orange for life. As it flips between the words, add a pinch would appear in bold print. At the bottom BlakSteel Fitness would be on every page. I would also use my wonderful clients on the different screens. And of course I must have my face beside the company name. You may ask “add a pinch?” If you take one of my spin classes you will soon find out what add a pinch means. In class it refers to resistance. In life, add a pinch, refers to the zest in which we live, thrive, and go through transitions. Sometimes you can’t add a lot, but you can always add a pinch.

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