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The Perfect Week?

Fit-Journey-Michelle-PerfweekSome weeks it takes all of the energy and motivation you have to go work out.  You’re not in the mood, you just don’t feel like it, you’re tired, etc.  And then some weeks the stars align and it just seems like the perfect workout week.  For me, this has been that week (although I’m writing this on Thursday so I still have Friday and Saturday to go, but even if I was done working out for the week now, I’m thrilled with it!).

This past weekend I was in Los Angeles.  When I told Julia I was going the first thing she said was that I MUST take Lacey Stone’s class at Flywheel. So I kicked off the week on Sunday morning at Lacey’s West Hollywood Flywheel class.  First, she had us warm up listening to Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech so we could all take a moment to appreciate and reflect on what he did for our country, which I think was absolutely beautiful. Then it was ON!  Lacey’s energy is amazing, and I don’t know if this Sunday group was Lacey’s dedicated crew of regulars or what but the room was shaking because everyone was so into it.  It was such an incredible experience and I was so happy I got to take her class and I can’t wait until the next time I’m in LA so I can take her class again.

On Monday I was flying home so I didn’t get in a workout but I did get a nice long walk on the beach before I left.  I love being near the water and the salty air just felt so good.

Tuesday morning was my first ever “Tornado” class at Orange Theory.  I took Devon, who I mentioned last week and somehow he turns chaos into order.  The class was nine circuits, with 1 minute running full out on the treadmill, 1 minute full out on the rower and then 1 minute of weights/strength (which alternates to something different each round).  There were 45 seconds in between each station. After round 2 I understood why they call it a tornado workout. It was so tough and the time just flew by.

On Wednesday I went to my favorite yoga class with Vicki at the Montelucia.  There were three of us in the class and Vicki spent so much time breaking down poses and I felt like I learned so much in such a short time.  I always love this class, and I feel like it’s the one thing I do that feels good for my brain, my body and my health every single time.  I walk out feeling better than when I walked in every single time.

On Wednesday night Crystal reminded me it was the day we agreed to start Jillian Michael’s Ripped In 30 DVD that day.  Which I guess is the point of a workout buddy, because I completely forgot and on day 1 she was already keeping me on track! If you didn’t see Crystal’s post this week, she had the great idea to be workout buddies, even from afar.  How could I say no to that? The DVD has a 30 minute workout and Jillian packed it in so no time was wasted.  I’m curious to see how Crystal and I feel in 4 weeks when we are done.

Thursday was 80’s day at Orange Theory. I love me some 80’s so I put on my leg warmers, ripped up sweatshirt and side pony tail for another amazing workout with Emily.  I realized that people do not wear leg warmers anymore because they are just too hot!  Emily had us doing a lot of step ups on a bench and it felt like a fun throwback to 80’s step classes.

So on Friday I plan on going back to yoga and Saturday I may swim or just rest.  Weeks like this sometimes feel few and far between and when I have a hard time motivating in the future I have to remember how much fun it really is to workout and change things up!




About Michelle Newman

Michelle Newman
Michelle was born and raised on Long Island, New York. After graduating from Binghamton University with a degree in Economics and Political Science, she moved to New York City and went to work on Wall Street. After four years at Goldman Sachs and eight years at Morgan Stanley, she took time off to travel before getting married and relocating to Phoenix, Arizona in February 2013 to live with her husband. Michelle’s love of fitness started when working long hours as a Wall Street Analyst. An early morning run was her favorite way to manage her stress and get some much needed alone time. Michelle has run various races including four half-marathons. She also has a love for spin, barre and pilates classes. Michelle is thrilled to be a part of the Fit Journey team, where she combines her business skills with her love of fitness. Michelle will be checking in on Julia’s blog from time to time to keep you updated on her fitness adventures in her new city!
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