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I am terrible at drinking water. Awful in fact.  Maybe its from years of turning to Diet Coke when I was thirsty, or just because its not a habit, but I am truly awful about it.  As I’ve gotten healthier (both physically and mentally) each step has made me feel better and better but it has also made me recognize other issues.  This is because the better I feel, the more the negative things stand out.  For example: I noticed last year how much my salt intake affects how I feel on a day to day basis, and now I’m noticing that I am very affected by the minimal amount of water I drink.

I learned recently just how much it affects me because of the difference of just one day.  Last friday, I knew I had a race coming up on Saturday so I used the day to prepare by eating well and hydrating.  Usually the day before a race I’ll make sure to get my water intake, and also have a coconut water.  The next day I ran a 10k, and while the race wasn’t easy because it was in Central Park (Those hills get me every time!) I felt good physically.  Fast forward to the next day when I had a long run (8 Miles) and it felt hard.  I know it wasn’t hills this time because I ran the Westside Highway with Mindy so almost the whole run was flat.  It was the fact that I drank hardly any water the day before.

This lack of water has become a habit for me, and a very bad one.  Like I’ve said about other things in the past, one of the best things I can do for myself when I’m struggling with something is to hold myself accountable in some way.  So, I did what I always do in “crisis”… I googled it! And I found that a lot of other people struggle to get the right amount of water in every day too, so much so that there are multiple iPhone apps to choose from for tracking.  Perfect!

The app I chose is called Waterlogged, its very simple and to the point.  You can set up alerts to remind yourself to drink water, and adjust the ounces you want to drink in a day.  I’m excited for this simple way to make myself healthier.  Sometimes it seems like goals are very far off, and out of reach.  This is something that can literally be achieved today! I am hoping that this app helps make water a habit for me, so I can stop thinking about it, and just do it naturally every day.

Do you have any tactics you use to help get all of your water in each day? I’d love to hear about it!




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