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The First Day of the Rest of My Life.




On February 2nd 2013, I made a choice, that this day would be the first day of the rest of my life.  I had made this promise to myself MANY times before, waking up with fresh hope that maybe this time, this day would be different, and I always let myself down. Somehow, February 2nd WAS different, it changed my entire life, forever.  Since then, I’ve made mistakes, had some pretty amazing victories and learned over and over again what it means to be proud of myself.

Since that day seven months ago, I’ve lost 60 pounds, got out of a very difficult relationship, made an entirely new group of friends, and got a new job at a new company (more details on all of that to come).  So many people have said to me along the way: “Why aren’t you blogging about this?” and believe me, I thought about it MANY times, but it seemed that there were already some pretty incredible weight loss blogs out there and to be honest, I just wasn’t ready yet to share all that I was going through, quite literally. with the world. While there are many moments from the last seven months that I wish were more heavily “documented”  I think, by far, this will be the most difficult part of what I’ve been through.

Even as I say that, I know it sounds a little crazy… after everything, how could this be the most difficult part? But it is.  It’s hard for many reasons. For me, the most difficult thing will be finding new goals to keep me going.  What pushed me through all of this is my competitive side- knowing that at the end of the week, it was between me and the scale.  I know it doesn’t seem to make sense, but I will genuinely miss losing weight.  I’ll miss the excitement of trying on clothes that didn’t fit before, and throwing out ones that don’t.  I’ll miss the shock on the faces of the people I haven’t seen in a long time.  I’ll even miss the moments when I didn’t reach goals I had set, and I had to move forward anyway.

See, these are the things people don’t talk about… what happens after the weight loss.  I think about all of the weight loss shows on TV, when it all “ends” at the finale, with the winner- and many of the other contestants- walking away far thinner and healthier versions of their previous selves.  And then we are supposed to assume what? That it was all easy from there? None of their old habits found their way back into their heads? Anyone who has ever lost a significant amount of weight knows that this is absolutely not the case.

And yet… I can’t help but feel that there is little to no support out there for people like me who are thinking, what happens next?  So I’m hoping to start a conversation here.  I’m hoping to be candid about the ups and downs of life after a significant weight loss.  And also, while doing these things, I am hoping to use this space to keep myself accountable to maintain not only my weight loss, but my overall health and wellness.

So for the second time in a year, let me say, that today is the first day of the rest of my life.  And I’m looking forward to new goals, new achievements, and LOTS of mountains to overcome.


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