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The Day My Feet Became Super!


10 weeks ago I started training for my half marathon this weekend, and for the first five weeks it was smooth sailing.  Then I had my first 10 mile run, which was incredible to say the least. Read more about that here.  The hard part came after this ten mile run. It was VERY VERY hard on my right foot.  In the days after, the cramping in the arch of my foot got worse and worse, especially when I ran.  It prevented me from exercising for days, and that was really starting to affect my mental well-being.

I decided to give myself a few days off in an attempt to let it recover, but then the next weekend I had to stop 4 miles into my long run.  This was very difficult for me.  I felt like my body was letting me down, I had been training so hard and for so long and this was threatening to tear it all down.  I of course turned to Kara, my running guru, for advice. She suggested I check out Super Feet.  At the time, I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. She explained that they were inserts to help people with flat feet.

As a kid, I danced for over 15 years so I was shocked to hear that my feet might be flat, but I headed off to New York Running Co. to see what they would say.  When I got there, I explained my situation to one of the employees and he took me through a whole process to see if Super Feet would help me.  After running a few tests, he explained that my feet were almost completely flat, HOWEVER my years of dancing had made my arch very flexible, so I was a perfect candidate for inserts.

Super Feet have literally changed my running life.  I almost immediately felt better when I started wearing them, and I haven’t had a single foot cramp in weeks.  They’ve also helped improve some pretty intense knee pain that I’ve been having for a long time.  I know I will be more confident and comfortable going into my half this weekend knowing that I have Super Feet on my side :). I get nervous enough when I race as it is without worrying about having pain in my foot.

I cannot say enough about Super Feet  and how much they’ve helped me.  I also have to sing the praises of New York Running company and their amazing employees who really put me at ease about my foot pain and told me that this would solve my problem.  They are both incredible! To find out more about either of these amazing companies and their products, check out the links below!

New York Running Company
Super Feet




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