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Taking Back Tuesdays


The Tuesday 7:30 Crew


I’m sure everyone has a day of the week that it is hardest for them to get up out of bed and get a workout in. For me that day has always been Tuesday.  Let’s be honest here, Tuesday is the forgotten day anyway.. the day most ignored every week.  In my opinion, Tuesday is worse than Monday… at least on Monday you get to be slightly under the weather and no one questions it, by Tuesday you’re expected to be back in the swing of things.  Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is practically the weekend, and I think that Friday Saturday and Sunday are self explanatory.  So that leaves Tuesday, hanging somewhere in no mans land… not the worst part of the week, but certainly not the best.

After I had been working out for a while I started noticing that Tuesday was the day I most easily convinced myself it was ok to sleep in, or that I should go out with a coworker for drinks rather than heading to the gym.  SO, I needed to find a solution to this problem… how could I make working out on Tuesdays exciting? I knew I needed something to look forward to, and for me thats about 3 things- a workout I love, an instructor who makes me want to come to class, and amazing people keeping the energy (and fun!) high!

It was easy for me to achieve the first two things on my list, a workout I love: Flywheel (of course!) and an instructor who makes me want to come to class: Kara Bocchi! I’ve talked about Kara before in my post about running.  Kara’s smiling face is enough to pull you into her class, and her tough and insanely motivating attitude on the bike will keep you there.

The third thing on my list (having amazing people to work out with) was a little bit harder to achieve. I get out of work at 6:30, and by the time I get to workout at night, most people are already done with their workouts and eating dinner… this can sometimes make it hard to find people to take class with at night.  What I’ve learned along the way though, is that one of the best parts about taking the same class all the time is that you tend to meet some pretty incredible people.  When I decided to make Tuesdays my new favorite night of the week, this is exactly what happened.

Tuesday night is now, without a doubt, my favorite week night.  I never worry whether or not I’ll get a work out in on what used to be the hardest day for me because I spend the whole day excited to see the Tuesday 7:30 crew, and take Kara’s amazing class.

I think that what I’ve learned most by “taking back Tuesday” is that my workout needs are always evolving.  Being aware of what my struggles are, and being willing to take the time to find a solution, will be an integral part of maintaining my weight loss for life.

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