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Finding Motivation

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Michelle and I the last time she was in NYC!

Finding motivation can be tough, especially in the middle of a Polar Vortex in NYC.  Its been far too cold, icy, and just plain dangerous to run outside for the last week.  So I’ve had to find new ways to stay motivated.  I miss the feeling that running outside in the morning gives me, and I know that warmer weather is right around the corner but STILL its hard.  In my search to find new motivators I had a conversation with Michelle, (if you haven’t checked out her blog, you can give it a read here) and found out that she was looking for an exercise buddy out in AZ.  While I can’t be there for her every day, I thought maybe we could be there for each other, virtually.

Michelle and I talk a lot, even though she’s all the way in Arizona, she’s always great for a listening ear.  As someone who has been part of the NYC running and exercise scene, she has a lot of great insight to offer into different races, classes, and everything in between. So it seemed like a logical choice to see if Michelle would want to be my accountability buddy.

So, I ran my idea by Michelle.  I had been wanting to do Jillian Michael’s Ripped In 30 DVD for a while, but just couldn’t stay on track with it.  Michelle is AWESOME and jumped right on board with the idea.  She went out and bought the DVD that day and we’re starting this week.  I created a Google Doc so that we could share our successes and be accountable to each other, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the results that the next four weeks will bring!

I think its extremely important to keep reassessing and changing routines to account for the fact that the world around you is always changing.  In the summer, running outside is simple and enjoyable.  In the winter, sometimes there is a need to find a replacement.  This DVD may only cover the next four weeks, but by then it will be mid February and one step closer to the best outdoor running months of the year.

I’ll check in four weeks from now with an update on how the DVD went, and maybe Michelle will write about how it went on her end too!




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