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Creating A New Routine

Fit-Journey-Change-QuoteWhen I first faced the fact that I was actually moving out to Arizona, I realized I would have to start not only a whole new fitness routine but a new life routine.  My life in New York thrived around structure.  My work schedule was predictable, and therefore, my workouts revolved around my work day.  I had my weekly Pilates classes set, my spin classes and my running days.  Keeping up with my workouts was almost as easy as brushing my teeth each day.  My system worked.

Now, my day has little built in structure.  I work at home, so as long as things get done, it doesn’t necessarily matter what time of day I do it.  I’m also studying for my Nutrition certification, however when I choose to study is not dependent upon any firm commitments.  I’m the type of person who enjoys having structure and somewhere to be at certain times.  I don’t get bored with a routine, and as long as my workouts were mixed up, I love having a set appointment time in my day for when I work out. One more thing accomplished on my daily to do list.

So…suddenly (well, it wasn’t so suddenly, I knew about my move for almost a year, but I don’t think I accepted it until I actually got ON the plane) here I was, new city, where I didn’t know anyone besides my husband and my 96-year-old great aunt (who is lovely but certainly not a workout buddy) and didn’t really know what to do with myself.  I went from working out six days a week to barely working out at all.  For me, that was a recipe for disaster since I’m definitely a much happier, healthier person when I workout.  Sitting around doesn’t work for me, it kind of gets me into a funk.

A couple of weeks after I moved, I was driving and saw a sign outside a building that said “SPIN. BARRE. YOGA.”  Well, for me that was just 2-for-3 on what I was looking for so I pulled in to take a look.  That’s how I found Lisa Lowrie’s class at Core Balance Studio.  Lisa is an intense instructor who treats her class like an intense cycling training session.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever taken before, but I’ve been going back on most Wednesdays and Fridays ever since.

About two months after I moved here I broke my toe, so I couldn’t do much.  The heat also started to set in (just for the record, this was OFFICIALLY the hottest summer in Phoenix ever) and I wasn’t really working out.  I was sitting on the couch most of the time not doing very much and — believe me — I could feel the negative effects.  I felt like a big mush, both physically and mentally; something needed to change.  The only thing that got me through the summer were my trips back to New York where I got a break from the heat and I would get a little exercise.

So when I got back from my summer travels in September I knew I needed some major changes.  My constant in life for the past 15 years or so has been some kind of exercise.  I was back in Lisa’s class in spin, but it was still too hot for me to run, and 2 days a week of workouts are not enough for me.  So my husband and I started waking up at 5am just to walk before the heat set in.  We went at a slow pace, drank a ton of water, put on SPF hats and shirts and sunscreen and would walk about 3 miles before the sun was fully up.  So some daily movement was established and my toe was improving, and now it was time to work on everything else.

The weather has gotten better, so I’ve started running again.  I’ve started to go to Purre Barre and Orange Theory Fitness (future posts on these for sure).  I’ve found a Sunday Yoga class that I absolutely love.  I’ve found a new fitness buddy (and friend) Victoria who seems to be up for trying every single place in the Valley that we possibly can.  And I’ve realized that just because I don’t have a routine, it doesn’t mean I can’t create my own. I’m lucky enough in my “new” life that I can schedule the things I love first, and let everything else fall into place around it. Over the past month I feel so much better physically, and I’m so much happier mentally.  And other things have started to fall into place – suddenly I’m meeting a lot more people, and I’m adapting a lot better to my new home.  Change in weather has helped but I think my changed outlook has caused a major positive change as well.



If anyone in the Phoenix area has some workout suggestions for me I’d love to hear them!  Tweet me @michellernewman

About Michelle Newman

Michelle Newman
Michelle was born and raised on Long Island, New York. After graduating from Binghamton University with a degree in Economics and Political Science, she moved to New York City and went to work on Wall Street. After four years at Goldman Sachs and eight years at Morgan Stanley, she took time off to travel before getting married and relocating to Phoenix, Arizona in February 2013 to live with her husband. Michelle’s love of fitness started when working long hours as a Wall Street Analyst. An early morning run was her favorite way to manage her stress and get some much needed alone time. Michelle has run various races including four half-marathons. She also has a love for spin, barre and pilates classes. Michelle is thrilled to be a part of the Fit Journey team, where she combines her business skills with her love of fitness. Michelle will be checking in on Julia’s blog from time to time to keep you updated on her fitness adventures in her new city!
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