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About Julia

Julia S. Dalton-Brush has been an athlete since she first climbed out of her crib at fourteen months old.  She may have fallen, and fallen hard as the story is told, but she’ll be damned if the next night she didn’t try again.  Julia believes that it was since then that her passion and persistence for sports and fitness began. Julia-Dalton-Brush
Playing every sport throughout high school (MVP in many), a few in college and then boxing post school fitness never left her world.  However, it may have left her day to day life.

Dealing with family tragedies, Julia put on 80+ pounds and didn’t think she would ever get back to where she once was.  It wasn’t until she was introduced to places like Flywheel Sports and Barry’s Bootcamp and met incredible friends and amazingly inspiring people there, that she realized that the passion for fitness that she thought she lost was only just hidden.

So, Julia started to workout again and started to take her health and her life seriously once more.  Through this journey, she realized that there are so many people who were stuck just like her – feeling useless or lost and thinking that fitness would never be able to take part in their world.  So, she came up with Fit Journey – launching in Feb 2013.  A website geared toward overweight and obese people who want to get back into fitness or into fitness for the first time.  With articles, cooking,health and fitness videos, she wants to give people the tools to utilize and get to their healthiest they can be.

Here she’s putting her own personal Fit Journey on paper.  Everything she loves, everything she dislikes, everything she is doing, eating even what she’s measuring. So, thank you for tuning in and let’s get on with this damn journey.

If you would like to reach out to Julia, or anyone on the Fit Journey team, please don’t hesitate to email info@fitjourney.com

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